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    • Addressable heat detector AJ-6920
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      Addressable heat detector AJ-6920

      The detector is suitable for such industrial and civil buildings that have a great deal of heat when fire takes place, such as kitchens, boiler rooms, generator rooms, drying workshops and smoking rooms and is not suitable for places with a great deal of smoke but little heat.Read More
    • 2 wire photoelectric heat detector AJ-521
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      2 wire photoelectric heat detector AJ-521

      This product named fixed temperature heat detectors is suited to virtually any commercial. The detector responds in alarm if the temperature goes above the trip point. This unit is made up of an externally mounted thermistor with a specially designed cover that protects the...Read More
    • temperature alarm detector AJ-523
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      temperature alarm detector AJ-523

      The detectors are photo-electronic detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with most conventional fire alarm panel. Two LEDs on each detector provide local 360° visible alarm...Read More
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