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Fire control equipment

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

In the automatic fire alarm system, when after receiving the fire alarm, can be automatically or manually initiated the fire protection equipment and displays the status of the device, known as the fire control equipment. Main including fire alarm controller, automatically fire system of control device, indoor fire hydrant system of control device, anti-smoke row smoke system and the air conditioning ventilation system of control device, often open fire door, fire volume curtain of control device, Elevator back drop control device, and fire emergency broadcast, and fire alert device, and fire communications equipment, and fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicates logo of control device, control device in the of part or all. Fire control equipment generally set in the fire control centre in order to centralize and unify the control. Also charged firefighting equipment set fire control equipment located in the field, but must return to the fire control room whose action signals, centralized with a dispersed phase of control mode.

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