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Introduction to ion smoke detector

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

Ion smoke detector sensors sensitive to tiny smoke particles, smoke a balanced response and forward-type photoelectric smoke alarm sensor is sensitive to larger smoke particles, smoke, black smoke in response to some. When the fire occurred, and large smoke particles in the air, and smoldering, slightly larger smoke particles in the air a little more. If after the fire, producing a large amount of smoke particles, ionic smoke alarms than photoelectric smoke detector alarm. Both types of smoke alarms interval is small, but the spread of the fire very quickly, this ion recommended smoke detectors in areas such ... Another smoldering fire, resulting in a large number of larger smoke particles, photoelectric smoke alarm will get there before ion smoke detector alarm, such places recommended to install photoelectric smoke alarm. If you want to both the strengths of both, you can require the installation of smoke alarms where both types of smoke detectors are installed.

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