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ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

Automatic fire alarm systems (Fire Alarm System, referred to as FAS system) is to inform early detection of fire, and take effective measures to control and put out the fire, while in the building or other place an automatic fire-fighting equipment, is a powerful tool for people to fight fires.

Fire alarm system, usually composed by fire detectors, zone alarm and set the alarm; can also be based on engineering requirements with a wide range of fire fighting equipment and communication devices linked to form a central control system. Automatically by automatic alarms, fire-fighting and evacuation induced, the system displays, archives management is an integrated fire control system. Fire detectors is to detect the fire apparatus, due to the stage of the fire, will be accompanied by smoke, heat and flame. Smoke, heat and light can probe into electrical signals alarm or automatic fire-extinguishing system, fire in a timely manner. Zone alarm location of detector signals can be converted to sound and light alarm, and fire room number is shown on the screen also can monitor the number of floors of the central fire alarm control panel (if the building is located at the fire control centre) output signal or control automatic fire extinguishing system. Set alarm is to receive the signal with a sound and light show, the screen also shows the burning floor and room number, stopped the clock on record for the first time the alarm time using the dedicated phone line, can quickly give directions and also to alert the fire brigade. In addition, you can also control fire systems or fire signal transmission to the fire control room.

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