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Security alarm system

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

Turn your phone into a mobile alert system. Do you put it into the locker at the gym, put it in the car at night or put it on a table at a coffee shop in the "frozen" detects if the phone has been lifted, and will trigger a notification to your chosen destination.

Wirelessly, between the host and the terminal does not need wiring, eliminating the inconvenience of many projects. Particularly suitable for large range distance. All components are made of industrial-grade durability and reliable operation. Speakers sound great, wide coverage on the environmental noise of the working site also has good details: first, composition and functions of the system components: + wireless alarm host transmitting antenna, receiving antenna + wireless + light + sound alarm Terminal. Sound and light alarm system with wireless voice, wireless voice broadcasting function. Job site when the accident occurred, the Security Manager can the alarm by pressing the alarm button to trigger the alarm, or through a microphone to broadcast alarm to notify site personnel.

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