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Working principle

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

Principles from the inside, the smoke alarm is achieved by monitoring the concentration of smoke fire prevention, such as long Xin smoke alarm uses an ion sensing smoke sensor, it is a technologically advanced, reliable sensors are widely used in the various fire alarm system, performance is far better than the gas-sensing resistor-type fire alarm.

Americium 241 ionization chamber with radioactive sources within and outside the ionization produces positive and negative ions, in the presence of an electric field to move in positive and negative electrodes. Under normal circumstances, internal and external ionizing rooms of current and voltage is stable. Scurry off once smoke electric Chamber. Interfere with the normal movement of charged particles, current, voltage will change, undermines the balance between internal and external ionizing rooms and wireless transmitter wireless alarm signal, notify the receiving host in the distance, the alert information is passed out.

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