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ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

Rice cooker, and electric wok, and electric fried pot, and toaster, and electromagnetic furnace, and microwave, and sandwich machine, and roast bread machine, and wash Bowl machine, and broken machine, and juice machine, and business ice machine, and ice cream machine, and meat grinder, and row fume machine, and milk machine, and disinfection cupboard, and garbage processor, and slice machine, and surface machine, and pressure surface machine, and peeled machine, and playing egg machine, and electric open tank machine. With the penetration of automation technology to all aspects of life, people's lives more convenient, kitchen appliances and automation, not only brought convenience to people has greatly improved the quality of life.

First appeared in the people's memory is also the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen should be the cooker. Early rice cookers are simple appliances, functions are not strong, boiled rice is so-so, with the competition now rice cooker is a smart, add fuzzy control chip, that is, energy saving, easy, tastes good. Then microwave it now, not only can heat food, you can also Cook, many manufacturers sell products at the same time providing a recipe. These appliances feature enhancements are actually automated technology and result of the application of electronic technology in kitchen appliances.

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