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Close To Life

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

Filed automation, many people assumed to think is enigmatic of theory and tip technology, himself missed of "seek", but, automation already quietly appeared in we side and we of family, day and night with with we, like family in the of meters, and meter, and gas meter without people of participation, automatically for you records family consumption energy and tap water dosage; again as automatic washing machine, and wash Bowl machine, and disinfection Cabinet, and remote control TV, and air conditioning machine......, was is countless. These instruments and robotics, in silence every day for our services, liberated us from the daily chores and housework, create a good and comfortable living environment for us. Morning, when you wake up from sleep, turn open the side of the radio, you can listen to national radio announcers familiar and pleasant voice, to you from the international and domestic news; recorders can bring you great music or accompany you to read foreign language; more advanced clock radios can also be opened automatically in your reservation any time, wake you up to start the day's work and learning.

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