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Dual PIR & MW Intelligence Motion Detector for Alarm System

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 06, 2016

Basic Info.


The Custom-designed Fresnel lens provides the same sensitivity for human targets at the edge of the pattern as exists directly in front of the sensor, giving the sensor consistent coverage throughout the protected area.

Microwave Adaptive Threshold Using a patented microwave adaption circuit, the sensor automatically adjusts its thresholds to account for room disturbances such as ceiling fans and other repetitive moving objects which are not an intrusion event. The result excellent false alarm immunity even in "active" rooms.

White Light Immunity A patented black bug guard reduces false alarms by providing 6, 500 lux of white light immunity. This helps reduce false alarm problems caused by lights, flashlights or reflective objects.

Microwave Supervision Independent circuitry supervises the microwave against failure. Effective in Hot or Cold Environments The sensor operates effectively in harsh environments.


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