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Information System

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

Phones, television sets and other household information system under the control of home computers to form a unified and connected by a communication line and community information center, home information society information center Terminal, are readily available from the information centre to obtain the needed information (see Visual data systems). Using family information system can also be used for health management, such as the elderly or the infirm daily temperature, pulse and blood pressure, and data entry terminals, given by the guidance of nearby doctors diagnosis. Family computer-aided education system can be used at home to learn all kinds of knowledge. By Visual data systems, can be ordered at home goods, tickets, air tickets, hotel rooms, retrieving information, read the TV version of the newspaper. The further development of home automation is possible to work from home, so that families can be factory or Office "Terminal". Therefore, home automation is an extension of factory automation and Office Automation and components.

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