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ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

Home Automation (Home Automation acronym: HA)

Home Automation refers to the use of electronic technology, to integrate or controlling home electronic products or systems, such as lighting, coffee, computer equipment, security systems, heating and air-conditioning systems, video and audio systems. Home automation system based on a central microprocessor (Central Processor Unit,CPU) received from the related electrical and electronic products (changes in the external environment, such as the Sun or the West caused by the light, etc) the message, and then sends the appropriate information based on established procedures to other electronic products. Central microprocessors have many interfaces to control home appliances products, these interfaces can be a keyboard, or a touch-screen, button, computer, telephone, remote control, etc; consumers can send a signal to the central microprocessor, or receive a signal from the central microprocessor. 

Family automation is intelligent home of a important system, in intelligent home just appeared Shi, family automation even on equivalent Yu intelligent home, today it remains intelligent home of core one of, but with network technology has intelligent home of general application, network appliances/information appliances of mature, family automation of many products function will into to these new products in the to, to makes simple of family automation products in system design in the increasingly less, its core status also will quilt family network/family information system by instead of. It will serve as a control on your home network networks part play a role in smart home.

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