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System Purpose

ANKA Sci-Tech Co.,Limited | Updated: Dec 17, 2015

Home automation system requirements can be achieved automatically for each device to a home management and labor management, the system control, monitoring, and coordinating home appliances (such as indoor and outdoor lighting, home security systems, home environmental control systems, air conditioning, TV, etc). The various devices in the system at the appropriate time issue corresponding instructions to complete automated management of individual devices. The system should be able to adapt to change, therefore, must detect changes in the environment, and by identifying the changes in the system to change, the change should be identified and implemented in the system. Systems can be automatically adapt to change or adapt to change by hand. Any device controlling the system exception occurs, must pass the appropriate information to notify the user and exception handling. The system must have a database that contains all the information system under the control of the device, including the dates of each device connected to the system, important information such as published by the user of the system.

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